Brick Give-a-way Week 1: Ag Building


The Agriculture Building, the John Deere Agriculture Building, the Ag Building, Home of the Famous Butter Cow.  Refer to it as you may, the Agriculture Building’s construction began in 1904, 25 years after the Iowa State Fair began its legacy in Des Moines.

The building was constructed in an exposition-style and even after its renovation in 1995, the Ag Building continues to portray the same style.  The 1995 restoration involved a new roof, updating all the building’s  windows and doors, and brick and mortar work.

For years, the Ag Building has housed the many horticultural and floricultural displays of the Iowa State Fair.  It also welcomes visitors of the Butter Cow and each year’s butter sculpture. 

What’s your favorite thing to see in the Ag Building?
Add a comment here or on Facebook by 10:00 a.m. June 9 to enter to win a brick at the Ag Building.


One Response

  1. My favortie thing to see in the Ag building is the butter cow! And of course we always go there to get a hardboiled egg on a stick!!

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