Brick Give-a-way Week 2: Anne & Bill Riley Stage

Congratulations to Carol Britson, the winner of the brick at the Ag Building!

Once known as the Plaza Stage, today’s Anne and Bill Riley Stage has been entertainment-filled stage since its construction in 1927.  From the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s recognition of each Iowan of the Day to the State Fair Talent Search, visitors can always expect something on the stage. 

The stage was dedicated to Bill Riley in 1996 as a way to remember the many hours Bill devoted to the Iowa State Fair.  Bill began the State Fair Talent Search and served as its host for 50 years.  It was also Bill Riley that enabled the renovation of what was then the Plaza Stage.

A $100,000 contribution in 1996 funded the two phases of renovation of the stage.  During the first phase of renovation, an additional 500 square feet of stage and 3,400 square feet of roofing were constructed as the existing structure was restored.  A second phase of renovation established a sound and light control booth and created landscaped seating for 3,000 visitors. 

It was only in recent years that the stage name changed from the Bill Riley Stage to Anne and Bill Riley Stage.

What’s your favorite act to see on the Anne & Bill Riley Stage?
Add a comment here or on Facebook by 10:00 a.m. June 16 to enter to win a brick at the Anne & Bill Riley Stage.


6 Responses

  1. Tonic Sol FA is my favorite – I hope they come back to the Fair real soon.

  2. I really like watching the talent search!!

  3. Tonic Sol Fa is my absolute favorite! Talent show is a nice way to spend the lunch hour, though.

  4. My favorite would be the Talent Search. I have many fond memories of watching that when I was younger and still enjoy it now that I’m older.

  5. My favorite is the Talent Search. The little kids are especially cute up on that stage!

  6. I like to see the talented tap dancers

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