Brick Give-a-way Week 5: Livestock Pavillion

Congratulations to Ashley Burns for winning a brick at the Cattle Barn!

The Livestock Pavilion was added to the Fairgrounds in 1902 as the first masonry building.  A three-tiered roof with a memorable dome is help up with purple brick.  Ventilated with a fan system, the foul air is pulled out as fresh warm air fills the pavilion. 

An $800,000 renovation funded by the Prairie Meadow Racetrack and Casino provided a new roof for the aging building. Without the renovation, the Livestock Pavilion would not be able to be used year-round as it is today.  During the Fair it is also used for livestock competitions and judging or the Governor’s annual Charity Steer Show.

What is your favorite thing about the Livestock Pavillion?
Leave a comment on here or Facebook by Thursday, July 8 for a chance to win a brick at the Livestock Pavillion.


2 Responses

  1. My dad and I spend at least a couple of hours in the Livestock Pavillion each day of the fair. Our favorite part is watching the Draft Horse show, especially the Percherons and Clydesdales. It’s amazing to watch them maneuver in the arena to the organ music with the sound of their harness clinking and their hooves pounding the ground.

  2. The livestock pavilion is such a neat building – the architecture is my favorite thing about it. I love sitting there every year watching the horses and competitors go in and out.

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