Fair and 5K

Wow. What a busy summer and a great Iowa State Fair!  As Emily promised in the last post, I’ll share a few of my favorite photo highlights with you as well.    

First day of the Fair: I helped plan the ribbon cutting for the Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center during opening ceremonies. It is an amazing facility I hope you were all able to see it during the Fair.    

Middle of the Fair:
I run myself on a pretty strict schedule during the Fair, walking the same route countless times a day. This year I made it a goal to see the Natural Resources building, one of the many things I have never seen at the Fair. Granted I was only there long enough to take a photo before my phone started ringing, I’m glad I went. If you’ve never been, you should go and see all that it has to offer.    


The entire Fair:
Given I spent nearly all of my time managing Fair Squares at the Fair, it warrants a photo on my highlight list. We were so busy! We sold over 21,000 treats!    

Last day of the Fair:
For the three of us, last year was the first Fair in our current positions. This is the second year in a row this exact photo was taken on the last night of the Fair. Let’s just say we look a lot better this year.    

Survivors: Allyson, H, and Emily


Now that we’ve got another Fair all squared away, it’s time to start planning for next year…314 days and counting! But before next August, we have a number of other events to plan, one of those being the upcoming Fairgrounds 5K!    

Sunday November 7, 2010 will mark our fourth annual Fairgrounds 5K Fun Run & Walk. I’m definitely not a runner, but I do love to walk. That’s what so great about this event- it’s for everyone! Not only do you get to see the beautiful Fairgrounds in the Fall, but you are helping raise money for renovations as well! Registration is only $20 until October 22nd and that includes a goodie bag and a long sleeve t-shirt. For more information about the race, be sure to visit the Fairgrounds 5K website.    

Thanks for attending the 2010 Non Stop Fun Iowa State Fair. We hope you had a great time. Also, please plan to join us at the Fairgrounds 5K this Fall and show your support for the Foundation.


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  1. Great job with the Fair Squares! I’m really planning on getting to the fair next year, so plan lots of good things for me to look forward to.

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