I couldn’t resist posting this photo I took¬†when I got to work this morning. I have some serious spring fever and couldn’t believe that we got snow again! Though I’m ready for this to be the last snow until next winter, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty it looked this morning. I think I managed a smile since the radio said it should be melted by the end of the day ūüôā

Taken right outside our office this morning!

Not only am I ready for the warmer temperatures, but I can not wait until the Corndog Kickoff and the Fair to get here! Bring on the heat, Fair food, crowds and long hours…I’m ready!


Mark your calendar for the Corndog Kickoff!

As you may or may not know, in 2011, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Butter Cow! To help celebrate, the Corndog Kickoff will show everyone that “There’s Nothing Butter!” than the Iowa State Fair! July 9, 2011 will celebrate all things butter cow and will take a look back at the history of the butter cow, all while raising funds for the Foundation!

We are looking forward to another great night. Our advisory committee has been meeting and we think we’ve got some great ideas for the event! If you have any interest in participating on the Auction Committee or the Set-up committee, please let us know.

Look for more information coming soon!

Spring = New Beginings!

Ah, spring! Nothing feels as good as the opportunity to open doors and windows and get a wiff of the fresh air outside! Although some days it seems the temperature can’t decide if it’s ready to let winter go yet, the birds are singing and our grass is starting to green up!

We’ve decided to re-dedicate ourselves to this blog, clearly we’ve slipped a bit! Blame it on dreary winter days or the months of cold. But, we’re back!

Would you like some updates?

  • How about that Grandstand Lineup?¬†From Sugarland and Reba to Train to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Def Leppard, this year’s line up is sure to have something for everyone! Thanks to all of our Fan Fair donors, who have made this a great year. Besides getting great seats at the concerts, you’re helping a great cause! If you didn’t get involved this year, stay tuned for Fan Fair 2012!
  • Did you make it to the Hairball concert a couple of weeks ago? For all of¬†you eighties music fans out there that just couldn’t wait for the Fair, we hosted another concert at the Jacobson Center. A great crowd turned out and had a great time!

  • If you haven’t turned you taxes in yet, don’t forget to participate in the Corndog Tax Checkoff! Look for the State Fairgrounds Renovation Checkoff on line 58b on Iowa Tax form 1040 or line¬†14 on Iowa Tax form 1040A.¬†
  • Only 140 days to go until the Iowa State Fair! While it dreary outside today, I’ll leave you with an image of great things yet to come this summer!

Have a great rest of the week!