Nothing Compares to the Grandstand Line-up at the 2011 ISF!

For the past half an hour or so I have been looking up the top songs of the artists that will be gracing us with their presence at the Grandstand for the Fair this year. I am working on a music playlist for the Corndog Kickoff that is coming up in a few weeks and after looking at all of the concert material it is getting me excited!

I personally have never been to a show at the Grandstand, crazy I know! I have been to many shows on the free stages, though, which are great. I think it would be so fun to enjoy a show at the Grandstand. First of all, it is historic and so many great artists have performed there over the years. Second, it’s outdoors!

With Jason Aldean, Sugerland, Train and Janet Jackson all coming this year I wouldn’t want to miss the Fair! If you aren’t planning on going to a show at the Grandstand make sure to at least check out all of the great free shows throughout the 11 days. The Band Perry, The Nadas, Tenth Avenue North, The Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Brice and many more!

We look forward to seeing you! 47 days!



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