Good Guys and Their Cars

This morning I had to make my way through the Fair campgrounds to find a parking spot and walk a ways to get to work. That’s because the Good Guys Car Show is going on today at the Fairgrounds. Lined up all around the Fair are some pretty sweet cars. I snapped a couple pictures of some of the cars outiside our office building.




Also going on this weekend are tons of people camping out at the Fair for the Fourth of July weekend. It is fun to see so many at the Fairgrounds and gets me excited for August, which is now only a short month away. There’s still so much to do! After this nice 3-day weekend I will have to put it into turbo-gear to prepare for the Corndog Kickoff, which is next Saturday the 9th. If you still haven’t purchased tickets yet or need some more you can get them online or buy them at the door.


Fun Friday Facts of the Butter Cow:

In 1997 the Butter Cow was featured on a souvenier postcard that sold for 50 cents. Proceeds were used to rennovate the Agriculture building which houses the Butter Cow. In 2000, a plaque was placed in front of the Agriculture buidling to commemmorate 40 years of Duffy Lyon sculpting the Butter Cow. Make sure to check it out this year at the Fair!

The Butter Cow is approximately 5 1/2 feet tall and 8 feet long.

In 2007, the Iowa State Fair and the Butter Cow were listed in the New York Times Bestselling Book  1,000 Places to See Before You Die.



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