Looking Ahead

The past couple of days, the Fair and Foundation staff as well as the Fair Board, have been meeting to review the 2011 Fair and to look ahead to 2012. In looking back, we quickly realized how many things we’ve accomplished in the past year. From adding Kids Zone, to new, fun activities featuring the Butter Cow, we hope we’ve been able to enhance the Fair for each and every one of you! 

One project in which only phase one was completed for the 2011 Fair is Expo Hill. Were you at the Fair to see our progress? If not, here’s what it looked like:

Expo Hill During the 2011 Fair.

Now that the Fair is over, phase two can begin! We are envisioning a stage area that will feature a solar powered cover. We will also be adding another walking path on the northwest side (right by the Foundation office!) for another access point.

Future walking path to Expo Hill.

We’ll also be adding additional solar cooling benches and other features.

Solar lighting on the walking path.


Solar light cubes.



The solar cooling bench and a view up the hill.

If you’re out on the Fairgrounds this fall, take a walk up to Expo Hill. The new walking path makes it easy to get to the top of the hill. Once you’re up there, you’ll notice that Expo Hill provides a wonderful view of the Fairgrounds and the Des Moines skyline.  It’s worth the walk!

Walking path.

We hope that you enjoy the changes we’re making to the grounds to make your Fair experience even better! And don’t forget to sign up for the Fairgrounds 5K where you’ll get a current view of the progress!


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